Le 20 janvier 2010

Les Cherry Poppin'Daddies annulent leur tournée européenne

La tournée européenne des Cherry Poppin'Daddies est annulée, dont la date du 3 février au Nouveau Casino de Paris. Les billets sont immédiatement remboursables auprès des points de vente habituels.

La raison de cette annulation : Steve Perry, le chanteur et fondateur des Daddies, a, selon ses propres termes, "bousillé" son genou qui nécessite maintenant d'être opéré.

Nous lui souhaitons de pouvoir se remettre très vite.

Voici le message de Steve tel que publié sur le site officiel des Cherry Poppin'Daddies.

Hey Everybody,

I guess by now some of you have heard that I screwed my knee up and require surgery and consequently the Daddies February tour of Europe is going to be postponed. The band is very disappointed and I really feel like crap that it's my old ass that let everybody down. We are not sure today when we will actually make it to Europe, but hopefully summer or fall of 2010. I should be good as new for American stages by March.

Putting this tour together has been a big, confusing job and I owe a debt of gratitude to Bucket, the legendary ska maestro of the Toasters, for serving as consiglieri to me as I pushed this boulder up the hill, only to have it roll back over me just as we neared the top. I feel like Zorba the Greek. I can't hold back an impulse to laugh my fool ass off after watching an edifice that took months to build, crumble before my eyes.... "A man loosens his belt and looks for trouble.... Boss you need a drink".....The band has been very understanding despite being extremely blindsided and inconvenienced. I appreciate you very much.

On the positive side we have a new booking agent in the US, Dan Peraino of Concerted Efforts as well as solid competent management, Tom Derr at Rock Ridge. We aim to take advantage of this time to add new material and make some strides toward making new recordings. Once again we hope to see you soon and are just very sorry that it won't be next month.



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